Spanish tortilla

Spanish tortilla


Exactly like Melissa Clark- I’ve always been wary of any dish that starts with 1-2 cups of olive oil and I’ve been unimpressed with the Spanish tortillas I’ve eaten in tapas bars (vegetarian food is always an afterthought in these places)


But on a sunny Sunday morning, when you are waiting to hear from the on-call resident to see if you have to go back to the OR- it’s a perfect distraction. And most of the oil does get poured off.


I followed the recipe linked below. I chopped 3 large Russet potatoes (equal size cuts) and finely chopped one onion and poached all of it in enough oil to cover the potatoes for 15 min on gentle heat till the potatoes are soft and the onion is golden( I did add one dried chili to poach in the oil). Drain some of the oil – add 6 eggs to the potatoes with salt and pepper. Cook on the stove top till set and then in the oven (375F) for 10 min or so till set all the way through. I skipped the flipping over part and added 2 sauces , one is my tomato chutney and the other was a yogurt, parsley, garlic, olive and some of the drained olive oil sauce.


All I can say is that I’m really sad I waited so long to make this. This may have been the best brunch dish I’ve ever eaten. It should be great for brunch guests as well- everything can be done in advance till the eggs are added.


Hanoi style Vietnamese Tofu

I have followed Mark Bittman for years and I mourned for weeks when he left his Minimalist column. So I was delighted to learn recently that all the purple carrot recipes are online and searchable. This is a delicious caramel sauce – better than his NYT published recipe. I made this almost exactly as the recipe specified except I added some chili-garlic paste at the end to the adult plates. Very very good and refreshing